Find new friends in the Cercle Libanais

Flags of Luxembourg and LebanonWe are pleased to announce that the Cercle Libanais, an idea born in the warmth of a Sunday lunch amongst Lebanese friends, is now a fully fledged non-profit organisation, registered in Luxembourg.

Membership applications are invited from anyone who is Lebanese or of Lebanese origin, or who has at least one Lebanese family member, and who lives in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg or the Greater Region. Others strongly interested in Lebanon may apply for associate membership.

Cedars of LebanonMission Statement

Our Mission is to encourage networking, social, educational, cultural and philanthropic activities among our members, to:

  • Help members establish contacts and develop a community to promote social interaction and the exchange of information in a mutually supportive environment
  • Deepen and broaden members’ and the wider Luxembourg community’s appreciation of Lebanese culture and heritage
  • Intensify cooperation between Lebanon and the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg

The Articles of Association has a more detailed Statement of Objectives, a summary of which you can read on the Aims page.

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Avant-première de Capharnaüm au Luxembourg

Le Cercle Libanais a eu le plaisir d’accueillir hier à Utopia, ses amis et membres pour une projection en avant-première de Capharnaüm. Une soirée organisée conjointement avec l’Eglise Catholique à Luxembourg.






La maltraitance des enfants n’était pas le seul thème de ce film extraordinaire qui a marqué les spectateurs. A l’issue du film, les commentaires fusaient de partout. « Que peut-on faire pour améliorer la vie de ces enfants ? », « Comment stopper l’injustice à laquelle ils font face ? », « Comment peut-on traiter des êtres humains de telle façon ? ».

Cette enfance maltraitée, forcée à mendier sur les trottoirs et à l’arrêt des feux aux intersections routières. Des enfants livrés à la rue, des sans-papiers qui officiellement n’existent pas. Leurs parents peu soucieux de leur bien-être ou alors sont-ils juste dans l’incapacité de s’en occuper. Il y a aussi ces travailleurs immigrés exploités qui n’ont ni droits, ni recours légal contre les abus et sévices que leur font subir certains employeurs.

Enfants, Immigrés, enfants d’immigrés, une société de l’ombre que l’on dit invisible à moins que la dure réalité ne veuille bien être vue, que ce soit par l’automobiliste qui aux feux rouges remonte sa vitre feignant ne pas voir, ne pas entendre la supplication de ces enfants, ou encore par le voisin qui ne veut pas se mouiller encore moins se brouiller pour le compte d’une immigrée, conscient de son impuissance face à l’ordre établi qui régit les droits de l’immigration et des employées dans les ménages.

C’est cet ordre établi justement que Nadine Labaki cherche à changer.  Son théâtre choisi, le Liban, pays lourdement chargé par l’afflux massif de près de 2 millions de refugiés des conflits voisins, une proportion égale à 50% de sa population résidente.  En braquant ses projecteurs sur le Liban, Madame Labaki affirme que le problème social est transposable à bien d’autres villes de par le monde évoquant en exemple les états frontaliers américains et l’immigration mexicaine.

Réalisatrice mais aussi lobbyiste, Nadine Labaki espère que Capharnaüm initiera une prise de conscience et une réforme sociale se traduisant par un projet de loi pour une véritable structure d’accueil pour les enfants maltraités.

Nous espérons vivement que Capharnaüm aura l’effet escompté par sa réalisatrice.  Nous souhaitons tout comme elle que la conscience collective oeuvrera à redonner une sacralité à l’enfance et une dignité à l’être humain quelle que soit sa condition.

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Albert Samaha: An alchemist of situation

Albert Samaha, the unofficial "patriarch" of the Lebanese community in Luxembourg, is known and loved for the passion with which he celebrates his culture and engages with others. Five years ago, in recognition of his loving leadership during his years in Luxembourg, this community made Albert Samaha an Honorary President of the Cercle Libanais de Luxembourg.

Albert's peripatetic life has enabled and required him to make friends across cultures. Naturally charismatic and caring, he delights in sharing what he has learned. A passionate teacher, he has always loved to inspire and mentor children and adults, whether in his professional field of chemistry, his mother tongue of Arabic, or arranging community meals and cooking delicious food for Lebanese friends and new arrivals in Luxembourg.

In honour of the five-year anniversary of the founding of the Cercle Libanais de Luxembourg, we present here a profile of a man who has always followed his heart while using his head!

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A new committee and the celebration of the Cercle Libanais’ 5th Anniversary

Dear Friends, Dear Members,

June this year saw the General Assembly of the Cercle Libanais de Luxembourg voting the handover to a new steering committee--Michael Chidiac – President, John Elia – Vice-President, Lucile Makhlouf – Secretary, Rizk Mouwannes – Treasurer, Joyce Liyan, Maria Teresa Masaad, Marc Moussalli, Marc Nahas, Liliane Samaha--tasked with ensuring the continuity of our association’s aims and objectives.

With over fifty events since the Cercle Libanais’ inception, which include social lunches, family events, business networking events, national day celebrations, cultural forums, geopolitical presentations and economic round-tables, our association has grown and successfully managed to place Lebanon on the Luxembourg map.

We thank our colleagues on former committees and our members and friends that have contributed time and effort in growing the Cercle Libanais from an idea shared by only a handful of people in 2012 to the organisation it has developed into today. Congratulations to all!

We are proud to be celebrating our 5th anniversary and hope to bring you many more quality events.

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Liliane Lamberty-Atallah: A veteran of displacements and reinventions

LilianeLiliane Lamberty-Atallah, Honorary President of the Cercle Libanais de Luxembourg, and Head of the Lebanese Stand at the Bazar International de Luxembourg, is a veteran of displacements and reinventions, sometimes due to circumstances beyond her control, and sometimes by choice.

Throughout, she has maintained her strong sense of connection to her Lebanese family and the wider Lebanese community.

Early life

Liliane was born in Alexandria, Egypt, the daughter of Lebanese parents who themselves had been born in Egypt. Her grandparents had left Jezzine in South Lebanon during the reign of the Ottomans. She spent the first seventeen years of her life in Alexandria, receiving a good education and being nurtured by a close family who, despite their gratitude for the refuge of Egypt, retained a strong sense of their Lebanese identity.

However, the safe haven of Egypt became less safe during Nasser's rule. In 1962, Liliane and her family landed in Beirut. The seventeen-year old girl fell in love with her homeland at first sight. She started her first job in Beirut, working for a British bank, and lived happily there with her family until 1973.

As an excellent shorthand typist, Liliane was then recruited by the World Bank and at 28 spent a wonderful year in Washington D.C., mixing with a multicultural panoply of fellow employees. It was an exciting time of new experiences, hopes and dreams. A steadying thread throughout, though, was the correspondence relationship she maintained with her Luxembourgish penpal, Jean-Claude Lamberty, whom she had never met in person.

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Lebanon stand at the Bazar International de Luxembourg

Stand Liban - SweetsThe Bazar International is Luxembourg's largest annual fundraising event. Although run by a voluntary Committee, it is highly professional and requires great commitment and planning from participants. Inclusion is not automatic. Representatives of cultural communities must demonstrate thorough preparation and research, not only regarding the wares to be offered at each stand, but also the bona fides of the charities that they nominate to benefit from the proceeds.

Photo Lebanese StandEach community may nominate two
charities in or related to their country of origin, and must also nominate two in developing countries. A comprehensive file explaining needs, potential benefits and fiscal management responsibility for each charity must be presented. The Committee collects and distributes the money through (at last count) 92 projects. There are four meetings over the course of a year, where the Committee meets with the Heads of Stands. Some involve planning for the next event, and others feedback for the recent events.

It's hard work. Besides the meetings with the Committee, each Stand has its own set of Lilianevolunteers to organise, produce and goods to locate and import, food to make, cakes to bake, and wares to price and display. After all the meetings, the Thursday and Friday before the weekend are consumed with set-up, cooking and baking. On the Saturday and Sunday of the Bazar itself, volunteers welcome and serve the thousands of people who attend. Through it all, Liliane Lamberty-Atallah, head of the Lebanon stand, is on her feet, encouraging, guiding, overseeing, but also welcoming all comers with her characteristic enthusiasm and charm.

Liliane wants to encourage younger people to take on the challenge. She says, “By Sunday evening, we're all exhausted. But it's worth it. Everyone has a great time. And then the February meeting is the most exciting of the year! Then we learn the exact figures – how much was earned after costs, and the exact distribution to the charities. It's so good to see how all that hard work has paid off!”

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Concert de Layla KANAAN NABBOUT au conservatoire de Thionville

La Libanaise, Layla KANAAN NABBOUT, artiste peintre et soprano, a enflammé,  le jeudi 30 avril, la salle de concert ADAGIO, du conservatoire de musique de Thionville.
Elle s'est baladée, avec aisance et justesse, entre les airs d'opéras, les chants lyriques et les chants liturgiques, en Libanais, Français, Anglais et Araméen.
Accompagnée au piano par Thierry WENDREMAIRE mais aussi tantôt par son fils Charles NABBOUT et tantôt par sa fille Tamara NABBOUT, elle a offert au public un récital émouvant, digne de grandes divas, qui lui a valu de longues minutes d'applaudissements d'un public debout et conquis.
A l'issue du récital, les invités ont participé au vernissage de son exposition de peinture intitulée "Chemin faisant, Beyrouth-Thionville"  à l'espace d'art ADAGIO au conservatoire de Thionville.
Merci Layla pour ce moment magique.
Antoine JREIGE.

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The Bazaar International is coming up! 1st & 2nd December

With a little over six weeks to go to the start of the Bazaar International, volunteers at the Lebanese stand are getting ready for the final preparations before the grand opening.

Under the guidance of Liliane Lamberty, the representative of the Lebanese stand, a group of 12 people met yesterday at the Atrium on Knuedler to discuss the finishing touches. Coordinating roles, logistics, merchandise to display, food preparation, stand fit-out and much more was talked about. This usual flurry of activity around Bazaar time is something the team is well used to, having had many years of experience in organising this event.

As it's website suggests, the International Bazaar is an organisation that is quite unique.

Run entirely by volunteers it is non-commercial and independent and combines the act of fundraising with a stylish multicultural event that attracts thousands of visitors into the halls of Luxexpo.

Now in its 52nd year it is the largest fundraising event in Luxembourg.

Every year the International Bazaar supports around 100 carefully selected charities worldwide.

Over 50 nationalities are represented under one roof, raising funds for worthy causes while also representing their own countries.

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