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le mercredi 22 novembre 2017

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  • 4.2 Magnitude Tremor Hits Lebanon

    At 9:05pm Lebanese across all regions reported a tremor. Residents in Tripoli, north Lebanon evacuated their old buildings out of fear of collapse. According to the director of the National Center for Geophysics, Marleine Brax, the tremor hit Lebanon occurred 5 km south of Hermel with a magnitude of 4.2. Tremors are expected up to months following major earthquakes in the region.

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    Wed 08 Feb 2023 19:55 UTC
  • Lebanese Father & Daughter Confirmed Dead After Earthquake In Turkey

    MP Mohamad Sleiman confirmed last night that a Lebanese father and daughter were killed in Turkey following the earthquake. Wissam Al-Asaad and his daughter Nadwa from Akkar passed away. In a Tweet, he said “May God have mercy on the martyrs of Wadi Khaled, Akkar, and Lebanon in the earthquake Turkey, Dr. Wissam Al-Asaad and his daughter Nadwa; our condolences are great for the loss of our youth in the diaspora.”   “Oh God, we wish for peace and security for […]

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    Wed 08 Feb 2023 09:43 UTC


"Ce petit mot juste pour réitérer mes félicitations d’hier soir pour cet excellent cocktail super bien réussi. En effet en plus de son coté, social et ludique, il a permis a beaucoup d’entrepreneurs de faire des nouvelles connaissances avec des homologues, de revoir les anciens et d’échanger des points de vue entre professionnels de la place. Bravo pour la persévérance, ca faisait longtemps qu’on n’avait pas vu cela entre les Libanais et leurs amis à Luxembourg."
(A propos de l'Afterwork du Cercle)
Amine Bechara, Administrateur, Banque BEMO
"The kids had a wonderful time at the Premier Dimanche event on Sunday. It was good to see them making new friends while we enjoyed some sun in the Parc du Merl and made some new connections of our own."
Keith Burman, Senior Managing Director, State Street Global Services