A new committee and the celebration of the Cercle Libanais’ 5th Anniversary

Dear Friends, Dear Members,

June this year saw the General Assembly of the Cercle Libanais de Luxembourg voting the handover to a new steering committee--Michael Chidiac – President, John Elia – Vice-President, Lucile Makhlouf – Secretary, Rizk Mouwannes – Treasurer, Joyce Liyan, Maria Teresa Masaad, Marc Moussalli, Marc Nahas, Liliane Samaha--tasked with ensuring the continuity of our association’s aims and objectives.

With over fifty events since the Cercle Libanais’ inception, which include social lunches, family events, business networking events, national day celebrations, cultural forums, geopolitical presentations and economic round-tables, our association has grown and successfully managed to place Lebanon on the Luxembourg map.

We thank our colleagues on former committees and our members and friends that have contributed time and effort in growing the Cercle Libanais from an idea shared by only a handful of people in 2012 to the organisation it has developed into today. Congratulations to all!

We are proud to be celebrating our 5th anniversary and hope to bring you many more quality events.

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