Spire in Luxembourg; Columns in Lebanon

About the Cercle Libanais de Luxembourg

The Cercle Libanais de Luxembourg A.s.b.l. is a cultural organisation for the Lebanese community and friends of Lebanon in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg or the Greater Region. Our registered office is 31 Boulevard Prince Henri, L-1724 Luxembourg.

Whether you are already an established resident, or have only recently arrived, we invite you to join us in putting Lebanon on the Luxembourg map! We are a new organisation, with many dreams and plans, and much enthusiasm. We would love you to be part of it. If you resonate with our Aims (see below), please visit our Membership page.


The Cercle Libanais de Luxembourg encourages social, educational, cultural and philanthropic activities that:

  • Help members make contacts, develop community and exchange information in a mutually supportive environment
  • Deepen and broaden members’ and the wider community’s appreciation of Lebanese culture and heritage
  • Intensify cooperation between Lebanon and the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg

Interested? Read more about the Aims of the Cercle Libanais de Luxembourg.

Equality and Diversity

The Association observes the strictest neutrality in political, ideological and religious matters.

Committee Members

28th June 2017 saw the General Assembly of the Cercle Libanais de Luxembourg voting the handover to a new steering committee--Michael Chidiac – President, John Elia – Vice-President, Lucile Makhlouf – Secretary, Rizk Mouwannes – Treasurer, Joyce Liyan, Maria Teresa Masaad, Marc Moussalli, Marc Nahas, Liliane Samaha--tasked with ensuring the continuity of our association’s aims and objectives.

We are all inspired by the example of our Honorary Presidents, Mrs. Liliane Lamberty and Mr Albert Samaha, who have led the way in providing friendship and support to the Lebanese community.

See the Committee page for profiles and portfolios of committee members.