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Aims of the Cercle Libanais de Luxembourg

The Mission of the Cercle Libanais de Luxembourg is to encourage social, educational, cultural and philanthropic activities among its members, in order to:

  • Help members establish contacts and develop a community to promote social interaction and information exchange in a mutually supportive environment
  • Deepen and broaden members’ and the wider Luxembourg community’s appreciation of Lebanese culture and heritage
  • Intensify cooperation between Lebanon and the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg

To achieve our Mission, we aim to:

  • Provide a focal point in Luxembourg for all who are Lebanese or friends of Lebanon.
  • Provide support services to assist Lebanese expatriates with integration in Luxembourg.
  • Promote friendly relations and understanding between Lebanese and other cultural communities in Luxembourg.
  • Stimulate interest in Lebanese culture and heritage amongst expatriates and in the wider Luxembourg community.
  • Build bridges between the Luxembourg business community and Lebanese business interests in both countries.
  • Work with individuals, associations, institutions and governments who pursue similar goals and whose activities complement those of the Association.
  • Collect and manage funds for the work of the Association.
  • Carry out other activities related to the Association's objects and purposes, or required for their achievement.

If you resonate with our Aims, please visit our Membership page.