Find new friends in the Cercle Libanais

Flags of Luxembourg and LebanonWe are pleased to announce that the Cercle Libanais, an idea born in the warmth of a Sunday lunch amongst Lebanese friends, is now a fully fledged non-profit organisation, registered in Luxembourg.

Membership applications are invited from anyone who is Lebanese or of Lebanese origin, or who has at least one Lebanese family member, and who lives in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg or the Greater Region. Others strongly interested in Lebanon may apply for associate membership.

Cedars of LebanonMission Statement

Our Mission is to encourage networking, social, educational, cultural and philanthropic activities among our members, to:

  • Help members establish contacts and develop a community to promote social interaction and the exchange of information in a mutually supportive environment
  • Deepen and broaden members’ and the wider Luxembourg community’s appreciation of Lebanese culture and heritage
  • Intensify cooperation between Lebanon and the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg

The Articles of Association has a more detailed Statement of Objectives, a summary of which you can read on the Aims page.

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