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Relocation and Travel

Everyone in the Cercle Libanais knows something about travel. But, whether we do it for business or for pleasure, whether we love it or we hate it, we all know that changing countries is stressful, no matter how experienced and how organised you are! The Cercle's Libanais' Relocation and Travel Group aims to provide members with resources and contacts to ease your travel and your integration into your destination.

Whether you are moving to Luxembourg or the Greater Region, or returning to Lebanon, whether you are immigrating, emigrating, or simply going on holiday, we would like to provide a space where you can share your experiences, exchange advice and access services to make your travel flow more smoothly.

Join the Cercle to participate fully. Members may may help with organising Groups, may receive event discounts, and can access our online community to share photographs, discuss Group activities and continue conversations begun offline, so that you can stay connected even when you're unable to attend events.