Youth Group

The Cercle Libanais has many young members by virtue of their parents' membership. Young people being brought up in a foreign culture often surprise us with their versatility and adaptability. In general, they pick up languages and fit into "street culture" much more quickly than adults can ever hope to do.

And yet, while they may be bi- or tri-lingual, and we may delight in how well they're integrating, the amount of time they spend at school and with friends in local culture often means that they lose touch with their origins.

Our Youth Group provides ways for young people to form friendships within the Lebanese community and outside it, and to engage in fun activities that also deepen their sense of connection with, and pleasure in, their Lebanese origins.

Join the Cercle to participate fully. Members may may help with organising Groups, may receive event discounts, and can access our online community to share photographs, discuss Group activities and continue conversations begun offline, so that you can stay connected even when you're unable to attend events.