Lebanese Art: Pink stones among grey

We Welcome New Members

Are you eligible to join? If you live in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg or the Greater Region and your interest in Lebanon has brought you to this site, then the answer is probably yes!

Membership Privileges

Members receive newsletters, admin notices, invitations to social, cultural and business events, discounts on certain events, and community participation. Online, this enables you to post and update a profile on this website. You are also encouraged to interact with the community on our Facebook Group. Offline, you may help organise events, and contribute to the Lebanese community and to relations between them and other communities. Ordinary Members may vote in the AGM and are eligible for election as Committee Members.

Membership Types

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Any individual person of Lebanese nationality or origin, aged at least 18 years, and established in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg or the Greater Region. Ordinary Members have voting rights in the General Assembly. Each Ordinary Member has one vote.Apply
Any individual person not of Lebanese nationality or origin who has a special interest in the Association and its activities. Associate Members have no voting rights in the General Assembly.Apply

Please note that the above is a summary. The official description of Membership statuses, conditions and privileges is available in the Articles of Association of the Cercle Libanais de Luxembourg.