First committee members for the Cercle Libanais

Nahr Ibrahim running through the lush Adonis gorgeOur first meeting to elect committeee members was very successful. The following nine people were elected:

Liliane Samaha,
Myriam Ziadé,
Antoine Jreige (President),
Elias Chbeir (Secretary),
Rizk Mouwannes (Treasurer),
Paul Salhani,
Nadim Samaha,
Nabil Chedid,
Michael Chidiac (Vice-president).

At the committee's first meeting on Wednesday 14th March, we will define and allocate the roles to be served by each committee member. We'll let you know here on the blog who is going to do what.

Talk to Us

The committee's purpose is to serve you, the members, so please give us your comments, questions, feedback and suggestions to enable us to create the services and opportunities that you need.

Please help us to get the community going by sharing your thoughts in comments below this post or on the About page or the Ideas page. For membership applications, or to volunteer your services, please contact us via the Contact page.

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